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Start with why

When the WHY is clear, the HOW is easy.

Let’s start where every journey should start – asking the question WHY?

Why do I want to go this way?

Why do I want to create yet another endurance website?

Why do I want to offer yet another coaching service?

Why do I want to share my endurance journey?

And why am I even writing this article?

A while ago I read the book from Simon Sinek Start with WHY – how great leaders inspire everyone to take action.“ The message got me thinking about my life and the things that I am currently doing and where I want to be in the future. And most importantly WHY would I want to do that?

At that time I was working in a totally different industry and made a decent income, but my mind was always on sports. Ever since I was little I enjoyed watching great feats of endurance – mountaineering, running, or swimming. Watching people endure physical and mental pain to complete something that was thought impossible… 🤩 And I wanted to be like that. To test my physical and mental limits and reach what I thought I never could. I really enjoy endurance endeavors.

Later there came another reason that I love sports so much – you cannot buy endurance, you have to earn it. With so many imitations and flashes around us this is one of the few areas where you cannot purchase the end result. The only way to have done a marathon is to have run 42,2km. Noone can do it FOR you.

But back to the question. Why do I want to share my endurance journey?

There are thousands of websites sharing triathlon information about “What is the right diet” or “What are the best cycling shoes”. Although there are some things that are universally true, I prefer to share MY truth instead of THE truth. Here I am going to share MY personal experience and what I find out to be true along MY way. If that brings you any value – great! If not, also cool. And if I succeed to inspire even a single reader to take action and go on his/her own endurance journey, then it was worth it!

Over time I will expand the blog section with more content. For now, you can go read/listen to the book – Start with WHY.