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Triathlons are a reminder of what you’re capable of.

After Action Report of Marathon Nr.4

Sofia Marathon 10.2023 Recap

Lesson learned - Discipline in training is important. But discipline in racing is even more important.

After Action Report Almiraman 2023

After Action Report Almiraman 2023

The ups and downs of a half distance triathlon in Greece - strategy, nutrition, and pacing...

Do I need a coach

Do you really need a coach?

Maybe a strange topic for a blog post by a triathlon coach… But I give my honest opinion for when you should hire a coach

Pro triathlete

What does it really take to be a PRO?

What if you have been dreaming of becoming a pro athlete since a little kid...

Mallorca Q&A

Triathon Camp Mallorca Q&A

The real questions and answers from a training camp in Mallorca...

Start with WHY

When the WHY is clear, the HOW is easy.

Let’s start where every journey should start – asking the question WHY

Free and useful

Segment containing a variety of practical instruments for improving your nutrition and training.