Triathlon Race day Checklist

Packing for a triathlon can be a challenge, especially with 3 sports to think about. Add in nutrition, logistics, and finding a place to stay, and the to-do list can seem endless. The most effective way to ensure you have everything you need for your race is to have a comprehensive checklist. Here are a few valuable tips to keep in mind:

  1. Visualize your race – Take a moment to imagine yourself going through each stage of the race. What will you wear before getting in the water? Do you have everything necessary for the bike leg? Have you covered all your running needs? Remember, it’s not just about the bike, goggles, and shoes. Think about nutrition, chain lube, towels, sunscreen—everything you’ll require during and around the race.

  2. Start packing early – Some tasks don’t need to wait until the last minute. Get a jumpstart on things by sorting out your nutrition well in advance. Wash your race shoes a week before your departure. Put items that are ready to be packed in a designated spot (or even better, in your suitcase) and check them off your list.

  3. Consider logistics – While this isn’t directly related to your packing list, it’s equally crucial, if not more so. Familiarize yourself with the logistics of the event. Where is registration? Where will you be staying? Which streets will be closed on race day? How will you access the transition area on race morning? The better you understand the logistics, the smoother your race day experience will be once you’re on site.