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Having trouble deciding what to cook for the upcoming week that’s not only tasty and good for you but also fuels your training? Look no further, we’ve got the answer!

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Wondering what to eat for long runs, fasted training, or shorter workouts? Training the gut? Make the most out of every training!

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Worked hard for that Ironman race, but unsure about race day nutrition? Worried about ‘hitting the wall’ in the endurance event? Relax, we’ve got you!

Gustav Iden, IRONMAN & 70.3 World Champion

Fueling in an IRONMAN is often viewed as
the fourth discipline. I totally agree.

fueling for performance

This is the home of nutritional coaching for endurance athletes! Unlock the true potential of your performance in long-distance racing by harnessing the power of optimal nutrition – the often overlooked “fourth discipline” in triathlons.

While proper training is crucial, without a well-crafted race nutrition plan, your race day could be tough. Our approach highlights the importance of a solid nutrition strategy, guaranteeing not just a strong finish but a thriving journey all the way.

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I know how it feels to do months of heavy training just to ruin your race due to poor nutrition strategy. I have done an Ironman on 3 gels and crackers – it wasn’t pretty. So I have learned from my mistakes. And now I’m here to help you avoid them.

Now with over a dozen long-distance races, various certificates, and extensive self-experimentation, I’m confident in sharing my endurance nutrition expertise.

Triathlons demand strategic planning, perseverance, and adaptability, qualities that have not only led to success in sports but also enriched my professional and personal life.

Achievements as a Coach and Athlete

To be the best version of yourself, Eat smart

The competition is not won by working harder than everyone else. Where you can gain the benefit that they aren’t is in your sleep schedule, in your diet, in your home life.

Mat Fraser

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